I’m Back…Again :)

SO…I started my new blog back in April of 2020 with the greatest intentions of getting back to writing for fun and sharing some bright spots of our days with the world that was navigating a horrendous pandemic. Fast forward just three blog posts and two years later and here we are! What’s even crazier is that I honestly feel like I just started my new blog yesterday…Where does the time go?!

My precious kiddos are now 11 and 8 and we always seem to be out doing something whether it’s basketball, soccer, gymnastics, or academic team, making our days jam-packed with activities after school.

I’m still happily married to Donnie and we have embarked on several adventures over past two years as a family including DisneyWorld, putting in a swimming pool, SoundWaves, several zoo trips, hosting a wedding at our pond, Holiday World, the Ark Encounter, and Great Wolf Lodge, just to name a few highlights! Unfortunately, we also watched in December of 2021 as a devastating tornado obliterated my hometown just about 8 miles south of our current house.

It’s been a wild ride so far but it’s one that I don’t want to forget and one that I would love to be able to look back on especially seeing the bright spots along the way, right here in this blog! So here’s to trying harder to post more than once every two years and sharing bright spots from our lives with the world! Cheers!!